Lauren Cohan was born January 7, 1982 in Philadelphia and lived in Cherry Hill, New Jersey until moving to the United Kingdom (where her mum is from) in her teens. Cohan’s Scottish mother converted to Judaism when she married Cohan’s stepfather, and Cohan was raised in the Jewish religion from the age of five (she had a Bat Mitzvah).

Lauren graduated from the University of Winchester / King Alfred’s College, where she studied Drama and English Literature. Following her studies, she toured with a theatre company she co-founded while at University. She later when on to split her time and work between both London and LA, working on several films as well as some non-commercial projects.

Cohan’s major movie debut was the 2005 film “Casanova” as Sister Beatrice. In 2006, she starred in the sequel to National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj” playing the role of Charlotte Higginson. Her next role was in the 2007 film “Float”. In February 2010 was cast in “Death Race 2”, which co-stars Sean Bean and Danny Trejo. Later this year she can be seen in John Herzfeld’s “Reach Me” as Kate.

Cohan was cast in Season Three of “Supernatural” as Bela Talbot; a thief, appearing in six episodes, who procures valuable supernatural objects and sells them to very rich and possibly very powerful people in the supernatural world. It was the head of the CW who requested a second female lead be added to the show. To accommodate this Kripke made the originally planned recurring character Bela, to be a prominent character. Kripke placed her along with Katie Cassidy who was cast as Ruby. Bela was not received well by fans due to her conniving behavior, antagonistic self-centeredness, and consistent nature to try to get the lead characters (the Winchester brothers) killed. The character was written out/killed off in the penultimate episode of Season 3.

She is also known for playing the recurring character Rose, a 500 year old vampire in The Vampire Diaries. In February, she joined the television series Chuck in a recurring role playing Vivian Volkoff, a “charming, sophisticated socialite” from Somerset, England, and the daughter of primary villain, Alexei Volkoff.

She has also guest starred on shows such as Modern Family, CSI: NY, Cold Case, Life and The Bold and the Beautiful. Cohan starred in a pilot for The CW called Heavenly in which she played the lead character, an attorney who teams up with an angel; it was not picked up as a series.

She was cast in the second season of the AMC television series The Walking Dead based on the comic book series of the same name, in the recurring role of Maggie Greene. She went on to the third season being promoted to the main cast, now additionally dividing her time in Atlanta, Georgina – where the show films.