Lauren Cohan’s role model is her grandmother

EWAnd, yes, she loves ‘The Walking Dead’ too


Lauren Cohan is one of the stars of The Walking Dead, but she wasn’t always an actress. “Most people told me it was a crazy thing to pursue,” she said of acting in a new interview as part of Entertainment Weekly’s Beyond Beautiful series. “It would have been really fun if everyone you told you were going to be an actor said, ‘Oh that’s great. That sounds really easy. You should do that.’”


Fortunately, Cohan had support from family, including her grandmother – whom she called her biggest role model.


“She’s very healthy and she’s very positive and she finds the positive in every single thing,” Cohan said, while revealing her grandmother even loves watching The Walking Dead.


“I also think it’s such a great barometer for this universal appetite, because they’re not who you would expect to follow Walking Dead,” she said.


Initially Cohan’s grandma wasn’t a fan of the blood and guts aspect of the show, but soon she got over it: “Now she’s so into the show that the gore sort of flies past her,” Cohan said.


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