‘Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan Can’t Wait for Baby ‘Magglenn’

CELEBUZZ – The Walking Dead star talks her new movie The Boy and what’s in store for Maggie and Glenn.
Lauren Cohan is no stranger to dire straights. After four seasons on The Walking Dead, there’s almost nothing she hasn’t encountered – except for maybe a possessed doll. In her latest movie The Boy, set to hit theaters Jan. 20, Cohan takes on a completely new but equally terrifying enemy. Cohan spoke with Celebuzz about what makes this horror movie different, whether TDW fans will love it, and exactly how she feels about bringing new life during a zombie apocalypse.


CELEBUZZ: What makes this movie different from other horror movies?


Lauren Cohan: “I think this is a really thematic film, that is a horror film, but it also really brings up themes of motherhood and loss and love and order and sanity and things that you know we have as backdrop of a great twisty story, but it’s about characters who are really coping with loss.”


CB: What would you have done if you were personally in Greta’s situation?


Lauren: “If I was in Greta’s situation and the things that had happened to me had been the same as her, I don’t know that it would be that different. But if I went to nanny in this house and there was a strange boy I would go and call some people and say, ‘Can you come check this out, or can you come take me home.’”


CB: Did you ever get spooked on set?


Lauren: “It was spooky. We had definitely a lot of fun making it and we had a lot of fun with the doll [Brahms doll]. But ultimately reading that story, and then seeing the finished product, seeing the movie again, is when I really get to take that ride. Because you have the setting and you have this music and everything that combines to unnerve you.”


Fan question: Do you believe in supernatural forces?


Lauren: “I do believe. I haven’t personally experienced, but I have friends that have had things happen that I just, I think it’s unlikely that there isn’t. Supernatural can mean so many different things to different people, but yea, I know stuff happens. I’m not particularly open or receptive to occult communication, but people are. And I get it *shivers*”


CB: Do you think The Walking Dead fans will enjoy this movie?


Lauren: “Yes I do. It’s a different type of disturbance because she’s isolated and she’s not quite sure what’s real and what isn’t real, and I think it’s a different type of journey that she goes on. But I think that these horror stories (gets distracted by footsteps), there, that’s the occult! But yes, I think they will.”


CB: Do you think it’s smart to get pregnant during an apocalypse?


Lauren: “Since the apocalypse is the only life that they have, I do think it’s a good idea. I think that they want to bring life into this world and in season 3, Maggie says to Glenn “We’re not, but if we would’ve been it’s ok, you can’t live your life in fear.” You can’t avoid having the full experience that your body allows you to have, because of these zombies, basically. So yeah, I’m really excited for Maggie and Glenn to have a baby Magglenn.”

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