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On December 2, 2015 Lauren did a Q&A on The Boy Movie Facebook page. I missed it unfortunately but I’ve copied her answers here:


Elisa Grimes: Hi Lauren! Thank you for being such an inspiration to young people. I love Maggie Greene so much and I wish you the best! So, first of all, did you like the locations where the movie was filmed?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Thanks Elisa! Im so honoured to hear you say that.


Renee Hudson: hey lauren, will there be an explanation about how brahms got into the doll’s body?

The Boy Movie(Lauren): definitely!
The Boy Movie (Lauren): great question


Tina De Dycker: Hi Lauren, so awesome of you to do this, thank you! :)I have a few questions. Any idea when the movie will be released in Belgium? What drew you to the role exactly? And what is your favourite horror movie? Can’t wait to watch The Boy!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): will be out in Belgium on January 29th!


Camila Oliveira: hey lauren, what do you think your career would be if you weren’t an actress?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): i would like to work in a library


Sammi Payne: Hi Lauren! It’s Sammi
I am so excited to see you in this new movie! My question is did you watch any other horror movies to help get into this new role? I love horror movies and can’t wait to see my favorite actress starring in this one

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Thank you, sweetie! So excited for you guys to see it! I was always a fan of horror, so i had a good baseline for preparing for the role.


Jack Kidd: Hello, Lauren! I’m looking forward to your new movie! You are a phenomenal actress, on The Walking Dead and your previous appearances! I have a couple questions about your upcoming movie: 1.) With the horror happening in the film, how does your character, Greta, seem to overcome the fear of a live-doll? 2.) what was it like to be filming in BC for this film? Can’t wait to see your new movie, and I wish the best of luck to you and your career, you are so talented!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): At first, Greta doesn’t realize he’s alive, but when she does… you’ll see…

Shooting in BC was incredible, its one of the most beautiful cities.


Lauren Cohan Fanclub Hi Lauren & CONGRATULATIONS from your fans all over the World. First of all we are so proud of you and happy for your first experience as main character in a movie. We watched the crazy trailer and it looks like you were perfect for the role. We are sure that fans will ask all kind of questions about the movie and Greta so we want to know something about the beginning of it: the audition and your first reaction to the story when you read the script for the first time. Much love, Cristina.

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Hi Cristina! Thanks for the question. When i was scared reading it, I knew it was something I had to do.


Bruna Nogueira: Hi Lauren! First of all you’re my favorite actress and I think That You’re incredible! Now, I really have many questions about The Boy, so I hope you answer me. First question: You feel like Greta in some way? And is there any similarity between Maggie and Greta?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Hi Bruna! There are similarities for sure… an unknown world and circumstances, feeling very alone at times and needing to keep believing…


Sol Colnaghi: Im writing you from Argentina! First congrats for your first movie im very excited and happy for you love! hope you can answer my questions! **How did you prepare to play someone like Greta? did you look creepy things or stuff like that?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Hi Sol in Argentina! Preparation was three-fold, a child carer, a foreigner in a strange land…and prep for the horror genre


Dean Mc Kinney: Hey Lauren thanks for doing this Q&A…just seen your Twitter post, can’t wait to see this movie..,it looks brilliant! Best of luck to you & the cast.

any chance of you coming to WSCLondon? Seen so many people hopeful on Twitter? PS You rock

The Boy Movie (Lauren): I hope i can make, will be filming a comedy this year..


Amanda Obst: Hey Lauren, it’s sunshine Amanda! I was wondering, what is the creepiest “rule” that Brahms had, that you had to film? Can’t wait to see the movie!!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Hey Sunshine! The creepiest rule was probably to kiss him goodnight…


Aurelien Turpin: Hi Lauren, do you like France? I love Maggie on TWD & I can’t wait to see The Boy!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): I love France and think of you over there very often. Thank you for the support, sending love. x


Jordon Merashoff: Congrats Lauren! You’re my favorite character on TWD, and I can’t wait to see this!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Thank you!


Flor Grimes: Hi Lauren! how does it feel being in a horror movie? and would you like to keep doing movies like The Boy? Much love from Argentina, I love you and I can’t wait to see it!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): The Boy was very scary to me to read, and in a different way to anything I’ve done before. Its psychologically disturbing being in a big house like that all alone.


Lauren Cohan Addicted: Hi Lauren, this is a page about you, I follow you and your work with so much passion *-* anyway.. I want to know the funniest moment on set! Big kiss from Italy!!!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): funniest time was when brahms tried out his stand up routine on us


Orange Tabby: Hey Lauren, this movie looks so fun & creepy! Have you yourself, ever been creeped out by something as simple as a doll,in real life?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Your name is amazing, first off. Secondly, all my friends are dolls so…


Serena Bianchi: Hi Lauren! I love love love you in TWD, so I’m excited to see this film. My question for you is, was it creepy working with “Brahms”?
Thanks! I’m such a huge fan and hope to meet you one day!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Hi Serena! The doll Brahms was definitely creepy to work with, he starts off sweet but my imagination got the better of me sometimes…


Yasmim Greene: Lauren, you are afraid of horror movie? if so, how was record The Boy? You’re amazing, thank you, kisses from Brazil!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): thank you Yasmim, I had such a great time. It was spooky at times, but thats necessary…!


Morgan Allen: Hey Lauren! first off I wanna say that I love you and us TVD fans miss you a lot! (also a huge fan of TWD!) my favorite horror movie/series is definitely scream! what is yours?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): haha me too


Sabrina Reyes: Hi Lauren! I’m a huge fan and this movie looks like it’s going to be a hit! My question is… Has being in TWD prepared you for taking on scary roles like this or has it always been something you thought you would like to do?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): I get so easily scared lately, i used to be able to watch more horror. twd is great prep for the scares…


Lauren Cohan France: Hey Lauren!
Which one is the scariest ? Kill Zombies or Look after a creepy doll ?
Congratulation for your role,I am so proud of you. Much much love! XO

The Boy Movie (Lauren): they felt really different, the boy is v isolated


Ps: I love you

The Boy Movie (Lauren): blue. or magenta. or green. and sometimes none..


Laura Willynilly: hey lauren, should we be worried about greta’s fate?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): she’s a fighter…but we’ll see…


Laura Willynilly: hi lauren, do you think we will scream watching the movie?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): oh yes…


Heather Gilpin: Lauren, first of all – you are amazing in Walking Dead!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to see this movie! Did you ever get creeped out working with that creepy little doll? Did anything weird happen on set? I love hearing the “hauntings” on horror movie sets smile emoticon Keep on being amazing!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): the house was super creepy, felt alive… there were rainstorms and thunder all the time too…


Manuela Sousa: what’s your favorite movie Lauren?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): so many… xxx


Amy-Jo Evans How did you hear about the role?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Our lovely director asked me to be a part of the movie and i was so excited to be. smile emoticon


Sara Danielle Chee: Hi Lauren! I love you so much, thank you for doing this! My question is:
What is your favorite part about acting?
You are such an inspiration to me and I love you so much!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Hi Sara Danielle, thank you! My favourite part of acting is exploring whole new worlds and disappearing into them for a time…

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