The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan on the day the cast had ‘fire at our bums’


We’ve been asking a bunch of cast members of The Walking Dead about their favorite days ever on set of the show, and we’ve gotten some pretty great stories in return. But we saved the best for last. It comes courtesy of Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie), and you may never watch the scene the same way again after hearing what was really happening while filming.


For her favorite day on set of The Walking Dead, Cohan went back to season 5 and the aftermath of the big bus crash. We’ll let her pick it up from there. “One of my favorite days was during the GREATM episode [titled “Self Help”] when the six of us were on the road and the bus went up in flames,” says Cohan. “And the flames were much bigger than we thought they were going to be; still safe, but much bigger than we thought they were going to be. And one side of the coverage was everyone when the flames were small, and then we turned the camera around and the flames were big and we had to match the mood of the scene. But meanwhile, we had this fire at our bums and we were just kind of trying to play it very cool until we could run away.”


But wait, it gets better. According to Cohan, the severity of the flames then caused some other mishaps involving costar Josh McDermitt (who plays Eugene) that caused her to break character — and you can actually see it in the final product. “I couldn’t keep it together, the fact that my whole backside was literally getting scorched,” says Cohan. “And Josh’s was as well. And the rain started coming down and melting the hair dye out of his hair and I just started laughing. And in the scene I’m actually going [makes laughing and grimacing face], but it’s that ridiculous laugh where you think you’re holding it in. And I’m nudging Josh because I don’t think it’s safe anymore, and I’m nudging him to leave. If you watch the episode you can actually see us just trying to hold it together, and it’s in the episode! But you would only know if you’re hearing this story, which you’re hearing right now.”


But that was not it for McDermitt. “And then we run away,” Cohan continues. “And then Christian [Serratos, who plays Rosita] goes to push him. I think Josh gets a lot of flak. I’m pushing him away from the flames, and then he walks away, and then Christian pushes him. It’s all in the episode, and it’s supposed to be us just making him hustle.”


To watch Cohan describe the insanity — and to see the scene itself she’s talking about — just click on the video player at the top of the post. And for more Walking Dead scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.



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