The Walking Dead – Q&A


What makes Maggie so hopeful season after season?

Maggie is an eternal optimist. When she finds something she can hold on to, she doesn’t let go. You see that in her holding on to the memories of her sister and her dad, what she has learned from that, and how she can be proactive with those losses in trying to make a better society, despite the pain.


Where did we leave Maggie in Season 5?

She finds Sasha and Gabriel at odds with each other. She is trying to bring the two of them together, two people who were in a lot of pain. It was a moment I really enjoyed with the three of us. There is no answer. There is no quick fix. Let’s just sit and be together, and forgive the differences that we have and the mistakes that we have made.


Why does Maggie believe in Deanna’s vision for Alexandria?

When Maggie meets Deanna, it is the first time she has seen someone with a revolutionary way of looking at something. The group has been surviving for so long there hasn’t been that much discussion of philosophy, new ways, and new hope. She is stirred and inspired by Deanna, and everything that Alexandria can be.


What does Alexandria represent for Maggie?

Alexandria represents who Maggie might have been if the apocalypse had not happened. It represents personal growth and where you go when you think positively to keep hope alive. The way they have been living up to this point has got to stop. Trusting this group and trusting this new way is a huge lesson in the lives of all these people.



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