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Lauren was photographed for issue fourteen of ContentMode Magazine. Below you can check out photos from the shoot and the Q&A style interview they did with her. Lauren pulls off a gorgeous edgy look in the fantastic new photoshoot. Be sure to click through for more below to get the full interview.

My son, 16, T Fyia, is a huge fan. He asked this question: In your character’s world you are one of limited hope, where the daily question is survival. How much do you give yourself over to that experience?

The best part about the show is how important it is to stay in the moment. It’s vital for the characters and who doesn’t want more of that in life?

Has your sense or experience of the world changed for you since becoming part of this show? Does the ordinary world seem different, more desperate or dangerous, after having immersed yourself in these situations?

Not desperate, but I do find myself in quiet situations where I indulge my imagination, a waiting room with no one in it, near empty shops or supermarkets and imagine what it would feel like if no group of people, or family or happy couple ever filled it up again.

Do you see similarities between the world depicted on your show and the lives of people who are struggling now for their daily existence?

It would be rich for me to say that, because I don’t have hands on experience in real life situations as scary as the show, but I think a lot about the depths of strength they must have, their gratitude for what they do have. Life is so precious.

As a Jewish woman, I am always proud to see a Jewish woman cast as a strong warrior-type. Do you hear from Jewish girls or boys who find inspiration in your role as a powerful warrior?

I meet people who shyly or proudly confess how much they nerd out over the show. Sometimes I would anticipate it, but I’m surprised so often. As big as the show is, it always still feels like a secret code with someone. It’s usually at Trader Joe’s.

Watching some of your talk-show appearances, it strikes me that you have a natural feeling for humor. Are you interested in doing comedy?

Without a doubt!Do you like appearing on red carpets and all the prep that it takes, or do you prefer the dressing down you do for the show?

Dressing up is without a doubt one of my favorite things. Yes for events, but getting into character too. I am a big kid. Eulyn (Womble, our costume designer on TWD) and I have so much fun working out Maggie’s look. There was a time at the prison where I said ‘what can we do to show what Maggie had been up to between just surviving. …crafts she picked up… We knew we wanted it to be weaponry or something, and Eulyn came back with this badass holster made out of old leather pieces. It’s fun.

Macabre and unusual subjects seem to punctuate your career, with your earlier roles in “Supernatural” and “The Vampire Dairies.” Is this basically a reflection of what roles are out there these days, or has there been more of a personal element for you in taking on such parts?

I wouldn’t say I’m overly drawn to the macabre, I mean I’m actually pretty silly, but I certainly do have a lot of it in my resume I guess. Ha, I’ll get back to you on that one.

What has meant the most to you about being part of a successful show?

At the risk of sounding cheesy? Really, the people I work with. I love them.

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