‘The Walking Dead’ 4.10 – Inmates HD Screen Captures + New Co-Web

Hello everybody! I first want to introduce myself. My name is Eric and I am a new co-web here at Lauren Cohan Online. You may know me from several of my fan sites, which include Andrew Lincoln Online, Bradley Cooper Network, and Kerry Washington Archives. Olivia was kind enough to let me come on board the site and help out. I am a massive fan of Lauren and I am beyond excited to be helping out on this amazing website!

As you all know, Olivia has been trying her best to get all caught up. I am also going to be doing my best to help her out with that. So to start off, I figured I would upload screen captures of Lauren from episode 10 from this season of “The Walking Dead.” You can now check out 298 HD screen captures from the episode. Episode 10 is the only episode that Lauren has been featured in since the series came back in February. However, she will be featured in this Sunday’s upcoming episode. Screen captures of Lauren from episodes 1-8 will be uploaded here soon. I hope you enjoy the screen captures and keep checking back for more updates!

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