My experience meeting Lauren at Tampa Bay Comic Con!

Yesterday at Tampa Bay Comic Con, I had the chance to meet Lauren Cohan – which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I did a semi write up of the experience (although highly poor grammar that I apologise for) for anyone interested in hearing about it. Also I uploaded my photo with Lauren to the gallery!

When I first got up to lauren I was just like “Hi I’m Olivia” and she was super sweet and goes “I almost just said hi I’m Olivia back” and I started laughing. Then she told me how my hair matches my shirt and I said thanks and told her how I ran a fansite for her called Lauren Cohan Online and she said “that’s you? I didn’t know it was you” and in my head i’m thinking oh my god! she even knows about the site helllllllllp but luckily what came out of my mouth was “Yeah that’s mine!” and she was like “wow that’s awesome! It’s the online one right?” and I said “Yeah the online or at .net one”.

Then I told her how I’m from Australia and really wanted to meet her so came here and she was amazed to see how far. Then I asked for a photo and she said of course and stood up and put her hand on my shoulder and I apologised for shaking so much and she leaned her head against me for the photo and I was like way nervous cause hello this is Lauren Cohan and just oh my god. But she was so incredible then the lovely Ashley whom I met that day was behind me and I was snapping photos with her phone of lauren signing for her and I was suppose to take the photo of Lauren and Ashley but was so nervous and couldn’t stop shaking that the lady there asked if I wanted her to do it cause i couldn’t get anything focused and I said yes please.

So that happened we ran into a couple of other amazing people I met, through tumblr then in person for the first time just then, and we all headed to wait it out in the panel room so we could get good seats (this was four hours before the panel was to begin) we sat through speed dating and a drake bell panel (I wasn’t way familiar with him but I really can’t say enough about how much I adore him now). After that they announced the panel right before the Emily and Lauren one had been cancelled because there was so many Walking Dead fans. I got a text message a bit later from another friend I made, and went to the Emily panel the day before with, telling me she heard Lauren had to leave soon so the panic began set it.

A bit later one of the convention people came in and she told us that she had good news and bad news and everyone wanted the bad news first so she said that Lauren had an emergency and had been really upset and needed to be in Orlando for an emergency flight in an hour and they would have to brake all kinds of traffic rules to get her there in time so she wouldn’t be here for the panel but she was trying to finish signing as much as she could before her manager took her away. Everyone in the room of course was making the disappointed angry sounds cause it was very packed and most people were there to see both the sisters together (Emily did have a panel the day before that was amazing also). So the room started chanting “Lauren” for a while – very out of sync then “Hi Lauren” and “Manager” just seeing if they could get her to pop her head in and wave goodbye before she left.

A bit later Emily came in and the first question someone asked if she could sing something so as she was beginning to sing a bunch of screaming started and Lauren walked in and sat down. It was amazing. They both stayed for about 20 minutes and answered a heap of question (even mine!) and then had to rush off to catch flights. It was truly an amazing experience I’ll never forget. (There was also a moment during the panel when lauren looked down – we were in the front row – at me and smiled really big and i got it on video was slightly dying).

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  1. I was the lady that took your picture. 🙂
    Lauren is a doll and super sweet. She tends to remember fans she’s met at other cons, so I’m sure she will remember you.

    1. Well thank you so much for that! I had been so hugely nervous about meeting both her and Emily but the experience was truly something I will treasure forever and know I’ll remember – I can only hope to ever meet her again and not be as shaky and nervous.

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