Lauren teases the intense ride to come on The Walking Dead

Lauren spoke with both SciNow and Examiner about the upcoming second half of season three and what fans can expect from the continued journey where no one is ever safe. You can check out both the interviews below!

The Walking Dead returns to finish out its third season this February. Fans of the AMC zombie series are anxious to find out what’s going to happen when the Governor finds Rick’s prison. With only eight more episodes left in the season, everything will lead to an explosive season finale.

In an interview with, actor Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene in the TV series, talks about what to expect when The Walking Dead returns to AMC. She teases how everything will come together for the mid-season premiere, and how things will change on the TV series. The Walking Deadgained the highest ratings in cable TV history, and the series’ writers are looking to attract a bigger audience with the second half of season three. Cohan reveals:

Season 3 already has broken all the cable records in the United States, and only continues to intensify into the season. Some of the stuff that’s happening is going to make television history – I’m not being funny, to read a lot of it, it gave me a visceral reaction. I can only say that it’s going to be an intense ride for the viewers.

This season of The Walking Dead has been the best since the series premiere in 2010. The series is moving at a quick pace and is not skimping on the blood and gore. Leading up to the mid-season hiatus,The Walking Dead built its narrative around the Governor and Woodbury, as well as Rick’s survivors in the prison. The second half of the season will explore the explosive confrontation between those two groups.

Don’t be shocked if more characters from the main cast die off. At this point, The Walking Dead is notorious for that! Cohan even teased, “You’re just never safe, you’re just never safe. I think [you should] really look to get to the dark in everybody’s hearts…”  It looks like The Walking Dead is going to get even more grim by season’s end.


Lauren Cohan, the actress who plays Maggie Greene on “The Walking Dead” has revealed some spoilers for season 3, episode 11. Giant Freakin Robot reported on Jan. 18 some teasers to let fans know what to expect when the show resumes airing.

The actress says that in season 3, episode 11, which is titled “The Suicide King,” everything will come together and the show will get even darker and more intense. One of “The Walking Dead” spoilers that the actress revealed is that there are some things that will happen on the show that will make television history.

“The Walking Dead” spoilers for “The Suicide King” include some characters of the main cast dying, although Lauren Cohan did not reveal who will be eliminated or how. Since viewers already know there is going to be a major showdown between the Governor and Rick, fans can safely assume that the battle will have several casualties.

The actress says,

“You’re just never safe, you’re just never safe. I think [you should] really look to get to the dark in everybody’s hearts…”

It sounds like the actress is hinting that things are going to get even more gruesome in “The Suicide King.”

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