Lauren Cohan Online Reopening!

Hello everyone, I’m Olivia – the new owner of Lauren Cohan Online. I’ve made some big changes to the site and will be adding heaps more in the near future. Also, you can now find the gallery in it’s new place at! With The Walking Dead returning next month and hopefully tons more from Lauren, I can’t wait to be here to share the news as it comes. You can also now find the site on twitter at CohanOnline, for instant updates as they post. For now have a look at some great images in our gallery!


7 Comments on “Lauren Cohan Online Reopening!”

  1. Woah the site looks amazing! And it is nice you put me on the former founder but you don’t have to. I only had the site open for less then a month so def fare i’m not on there. Lovely!

    1. Aw, no, you were the founder of it and if it hadn’t been for you I might not have ended up caving into having a Lauren site (even though I was dying to). But thank you!

    1. Yeah, I’m trying to work on that, I started doing something with the site and I ended up having to go out of town and completely forgot to fix it right away.

  2. We are a site that’s always looking to expand, so if you have any scans, stills, shoots, or any other photos that we can feature, you may email us here or to laurencohanonline [@] On behalf of the site and visitors, thanks in advance!

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