Press: “Walking Dead”- Are We Going to See Maggie Again This Season – or Ever?

THE WRAP – (Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 18 episode of “The Walking Dead” on AMC)

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is gone, but she’s not dead. This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” revealed that she left the Hilltop with the mysterious Georgie during the big time jump that came at the end of Rick Grimes’ final episode.

And it turns out that may have also been Maggie’s final episode ever. Clearly, the creatives on the show and the folks at AMC are hedging their bets by not killing her off. But it’s entirely possible she’ll never appear on “The Walking Dead” ever again.

We had heard rumblings of Cohan’s exit from the series all year, following stories of a contentious contract dispute in which Cohan wanted equal pay with other longtime series regulars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. After signing on to ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier,” which will debut mid-season, Cohan did say she would be able to come back to “The Walking Dead” for at least part of Season 9.

But it looks like that part of the season is now over, as “TWD” showrunner Angela Kang has confirmed that they don’t have plans for her to appear again in Season 9. And on the episode of “Talking Dead” after the season 9 mid-season finale, Chris Hardwicke read a statement from the producers which re-confirmed that Cohan won’t be back this season but that “Maggie’s story is not done” and that they “hope to have her back” at some point in the future.

This all probably feels like it’s coming totally out of left field, considering how Maggie did not get any kind of real sendoff. Her final (as far as we know) episode also being Rick’s last didn’t help, since the episode basically functioned as Rick’s death episode.

But what AMC is doing with Rick may also be the path for wrapping up Maggie’s story. Two weeks ago, at the end of their final episode, Rick ended up being airlifted by helicopter away from Virginia, and what happens to him wherever he ends up will be the subject of a series of movies.

Meanwhile, it’s long been theorized that the helicopter belongs to the same group that Georgie hails from — the Commonwealth, an actual large city of people in Ohio. If that theory pans out, and Georgie’s people are also the helicopter’s people, then there’s plenty of reason for Rick and Maggie to cross paths in this new corner of the “Walking Dead” universe.

But everything remains shrouded in mystery, and it sounds like nobody involved actually knows at this time what Maggie’s fate will end up being. If Georgie actually is with the Commonwealth, then the subject of Maggie is going to have to come up again sooner or later — the Commonwealth is the next big storyline in the comics after the Whisperer War that is about to begin on the show.

So, at least, you probably shouldn’t expect a Heath (Corey Hawkins) situation — remember how he went out scavenging with Tara and then just never came back, his fate still undetermined? Maggie is so important that her fate will have to be dealt with at some point in the next couple seasons of “The Walking Dead,” even if Lauren Cohan never comes back.

Just don’t expect closure any time soon.

Press: Lauren Cohan opens up about leaving The Walking Dead — and her possible return


EW – Andrew Lincoln is not the only huge name leaving The Walking Dead. Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie) is also departing the AMC hit. And considering the way Cohan has been killing it on screen lately — you could easily make the case that she has been the show’s MVP this season — her loss will be just as deeply felt.

However, Cohan will be returning to TV soon enough on ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier (premiering in 2019). And her time battling zombies may not be over. Depending on Whiskey Cavalier’s future and Cohan’s burgeoning film career (recently starring alongside Mark Wahlberg in Mile 22), the actress may return in some capacity for season 10, especially after being so excited at the new direction of the program under showrunner Angela Kang. (Like others, Cohan has nothing but praise for Kang and the job she’s doing in keeping the show fresh.) We spoke to Cohan about her decision to move on, and the uncertainty as to whether we will ever see Maggie Rhee again on The Walking Dead.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with your decision to only come back for a handful of episodes in season 9 and then leave for Whiskey Cavalier. What was at the root of that decision for you?

LAUREN COHAN: So much of it is really simple because eight years is a long time to spend in one character. Eight years is a long time to spend in the emotional mash-up that Maggie’s in and that Lauren is in by virtue of osmosis. I honestly just was looking at this on a multitude of personal levels, and it just made the most sense for me to do this.

I love Maggie and I’ll always love Maggie, and we had a really good time so far. And I do say so far, because the beautiful thing I get to experience right now — which I think is such a cherished thing for me in life — is to live in the not knowing, and to embrace it. And I just feel in life generally a sense of that more than I ever have on a personal level. So naturally that was going to bleed over into that, and just taking the information at hand and making a decision based upon the facts in front of me.

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Press: Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Maggie’s Scene With Negan Will Give You ‘Goosebumps’

This is a few weeks old but I just saw it after I read the last article I posted and thought you guys might want to see it as well.


US – It’s revenge time. Ever since The Walking Dead Opens a New Window. ’s Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) took away the one person that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) loved, she’s wanted him dead. When season 8 ended, Rick decided to keep him alive against her request but eventually, she will get the chance to face her nemesis, showrunner Angela Kang told Us Weekly exclusively.

“I was sitting there watching and I got chills from just their work,” Kang told Us at PaleyFest in New York City. “I love the writing, did but also their performances are so incredible and moving and surprising.”

Morgan, 52, echoed her thoughts, adding that he was just thrilled to finally work with Cohan, 36.

“We were very excited to have the opportunity to work together because other than the initial meet with her in clearing on her knees, I never had the chance to do anything with Lauren,” the Supernatural alum told Us. “These two characters, her especially, have been waiting a long time to have a little one-on-one time. And Negan knows it. Negan knows that she’s been looking for him and he’s waiting on her.”

He added: “When they get together, it’s very intense. It’s very emotional. I think the audience is gonna get goosebumps. It’s very heavy.”

Morgan also talked about Negan’s headspace now that he’s been living in solitary confinement for so long.

“He has always been in control and that has been completely stripped from him, from every angle. Also, he’s not able to talk to anyone. He may get up some gusto for a couple of moments with Rick because I think he, unlike anyone else on this show is ever gonna do, gets under Rick’s skin and he will still find a way to push his buttons,” the father of two added. “But when Negan is alone, he’s having a very, very hard time.”

Besides human interaction, there’s also something Negan’s missing: Lucille.

“He misses her a lot. He will verbalize it,” Morgan said. “She’s not just a weapon, it means a lot more than that to him. For him, it’s a crutch for getting through this world and without it, he’s not whole. He’s having a hard, hard time without Lucille.”

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Press/Video: Michonne Confronts Maggie in ‘The Walking Dead’ 905 Sneak Peek


COMIC BOOK – Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) have a chilling and intense confrontation in an extended sneak peek look at The Walking Dead 905, “What Comes After.”

Maggie has reached Alexandria after having Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the other relays detour Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who is now preoccupied with a fight for his life after sustaining a gruesome injury when attempting to reroute an approaching herd of walkers away from the in-between camp located near the bridge that Rick hopes to see link Alexandria, Hilltop, the Kingdom, Oceanside, and the Sanctuary.

Michonne (Danai Gurira) is all that stands in the way of Maggie enacting her vengeance on the jailed Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) for his murder of Glenn (Steven Yeun), an unforgivable sin his widow believes has gone unavenged.

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Video: “The Walking Dead” – Maggie’s Plans For Negan – Sneak Peek Ep. 904

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Press: How ‘Walking Dead’ Just Set the Stage for Lauren Cohan’s Exit

Showrunner Angela Kang weighs in on a big clue about Maggie’s upcoming departure.



[This story contains spoilers for season nine, episode two of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “The Bridge.”]

EW -As Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his companions work to build a bridge between communities, AMC’s The Walking Dead itself is busy with some bridge-building of its own: the bridge toward Lauren Cohan’s exit from the series.

Cohan, who has played Maggie Greene Rhee since season two, is poised to walk away from The Walking Dead, at least temporarily, later this season due to her series regular role on ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier. (The ABC role followed what sources say was a salary standoff with AMC gone sour.) Unlike the talk surrounding Andrew Lincoln’s looming exit as Rick, Cohan’s coming departure has been discussed as more open-ended in nature, with hopes for her eventual return.

How will Cohan as Maggie leave The Walking Dead, a world in which there’s rarely a way out beyond death? The second episode of season nine, “The Bridge,” provided the first major clue to that answer.

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