Lauren on Buzzworthy Radio Podcast

You can now check out the interview Lauren for Buzzworthy Radio Podcast now at, enjoy!

One of the most popular shows on television returns one week from Sunday. “The Walking Dead,” which airs on AMC, is based on the comic book series of the same name. It follows Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew having to deal with flesh eating “walkers,” also known as zombies.
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Candids from 2011

I’ve updated the candids section of the gallery with three high quality sets of photos of Lauren in 2011. The first two sets are were in March, while Lauren was filming the pilot for a series titled “Heavenly” with Ben Aldridge and Ryan Eggold. The episode was filmed in Vancouver, Canada and never did make it to air. The third set, which is thanks to the amazing Laura over at, is of Lauren walking home with a friend in West Hollywood, California less than a month later.

A day for podcast and news

Apologies for the site downtime, the site is now back up and running again with more updates on the way asap!

Today has been a great day for podcast. Lauren spoke with both @BuzzWorthyRadio and @Walker_Stalkers today. You’ll be able to check out the Buzzworthy Radio podcast starting tonight at 7pm ET over on their site The Walker Stalkers podcast will drop this Monday, they spoke to Lauren today for a little over fourteen minutes today. Updates will follow as podcast are released! 

Also, Lauren recently did a photoshoot with The Walking Dead costars Laurie Holden and Danai Gurira for Emmy and this upcoming Tuesday is the “An Evening with The Walking Dead” sold out event that will be live webcasted at both and The event will take place 7:30pm – 9:00pm on February 5, the event will be held in California so it’s only to be assumed that it will be on West Coast time.

Funny Joke with a beautiful woman (+ esquire photoshoot)

More photos and footage of Lauren for Esquire Magazine have surfaced, and wow she looks gorgeous! In the new video from their site you can see an enthusiastic Lauren telling a funny joke. I’ve also added six new photos from the shoot into the gallery and they are definitely worth checking out!

Lauren graces the pages of Esquire Magazine

In the February issue of Esquire Magazine, Lauren is the subject of their “Funny jokes from a beautiful woman” for the month – will a gorgeous new photoshoot to go with it! I’ve added five captures of the ipad edition of the magazine and I will be adding the magazine scans asap. I’ve also uploaded the app’s video titled “Frequently asked questions for a beautiful woman” to the brand new youtube channel for the site, which you can check out below!

Lauren teases the intense ride to come on The Walking Dead

Lauren spoke with both SciNow and Examiner about the upcoming second half of season three and what fans can expect from the continued journey where no one is ever safe. You can check out both the interviews below!

The Walking Dead returns to finish out its third season this February. Fans of the AMC zombie series are anxious to find out what’s going to happen when the Governor finds Rick’s prison. With only eight more episodes left in the season, everything will lead to an explosive season finale.

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Lauren Cohan Online Reopening!

Lauren Cohan Online Reopening!

Hello everyone, I’m Olivia – the new owner of Lauren Cohan Online. I’ve made some big changes to the site and will be adding heaps more in the near future. Also, you can now find the gallery in it’s new place at! With The Walking Dead returning next month and hopefully tons more from Lauren, I can’t wait to be here to share the news as it comes. You can also now find the site on twitter at CohanOnline, for instant updates as they post. For now have a look at some great images in our gallery!


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