Photos and Clips of Lauren at Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night Lauren was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she talked about a childhood crush on Michael Bolton and the experience of losing cast members on “The Walking Dead”. The interview was really great and definitely worth checking out. I’ve included two parts of the interview below (one under the cut), and you can also check out some great still images from the appearance.

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Twitter photos from tonight!

Lauren taped for Jimmy Kimmel Live a few hours ago and both her and Erica Gray, tweeted photos from backstage during the performance taping. The show is airing right now on the east coast, so tune into ABC now to catch Lauren’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel.


Lauren Rumored for “The Messenger” with Robert Sheehan

Lauren’s name has been thrown down on an upcoming film with two known British names – Robert Sheehan and David O’Hara. The project, titled “The Messenger”, is a story that follows Jack (Robert Sheehan) a man who unwillingly sees the dead. The character Lauren’s name has been attached to the role of Jack’s sister, Emma. You can check out a detailed synopsis for the film below, thus far there’s no saying whether or not filming has begun or finished on the project – or even if Lauren will in fact be attached to a final product.

To the outside world looking in Jack’s not well. He’s been in and out of secure units all of his young life, had every drug they can throw at him, every treatment they can think of… But nothing can make the dead go away; they always find a way through somehow. And so it goes on.

The Messenger is the story of Jack’s last melt down. A story of frustration and guilt; of love and betrayal; family and blame. How he chooses the victims he’ll help next, how he ‘stalker like’ becomes embroiled in their lives. In this case Mark, a journalist brutally murdered in the local park and his TV Presenter wife Sarah, to whom he’s desperate to say one last goodbye. As Jack gets closer to Sarah, obsessed with passing on Mark’s message, he discovers their perfect life wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. They had secrets and lies just like any couple; the only problem is that Mark didn’t know about them. It’s the shock of that discovery that finally pushes Jack over the edge.

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Candids of Lauren shopping yesterday

Yesterday Lauren was out shopping in West Hollywood – caught in a moment checking her phone when paparazzi caught up with her. She’s back in California now after a stint in New York working on a guest spot, and later today she heads to Jimmy Kimmel to tape for tonight’s show. I’ve added the set of four candid photos to the gallery – again with special thanks to my friend, Kieran!

Candids of Lauren on set of Law & Order: SVU

Last Friday in front of the court house in New York City, Lauren was spotted on the set of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” along with lead actress, Mariska Hargitay. You really get a look at Lauren in character as Avery Jordan, the pregnant belly and all. Seemingly from the different of clothes throughout the set, it might have been two different scenes they were shooting at the court house. 

Lauren to guest on next week’s “Talking Dead”

At the end of tonight’s episode of “Talking Dead” it was revealed that next week’s episode we will be seeing Lauren along with Eliza Dusku on the couch.  We can all definitely hope this isn’t part of the trend of guest appearing when their characters go. There was no Maggie in tonight’s episode, but Lauren can be seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Tuesday!

Candids of Lauren leaving her New York City hotel

Today appears as though it might have been Lauren’s last day on the set of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as she tweeted about how great it was to work with the cast. Hours ago she was once again caught by the paparazzi while exiting her New York City hotel. I’ve added the set of three candid photos to the gallery now – with a very special thanks to my friend, Kieran, for sending me the photos!

Candids from yesterday of Lauren in New York City

Lauren is currently still in New York, where she is filming her guest spot on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and yesterday she was photographed while leaving her hotel all bundled up. It appears as though she was stopped for an autograph in the photos as well. You can check out the new set of Candids in the gallery now!

Lauren on the set of Law & Order: SVU

Lauren is hard at work in New York City as Avery Jordan in an upcoming episode of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and it’s so exciting to see photos from the set! Thanks to Ice T and Johnny G’s twitter pages, you can check out two photos that were tweeted of Lauren on set.


Two Upcoming Appearances Cancelled

Due to a schedule conflict with the filming of Lauren’s current guest starring spot on “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” she will no longer be in attendance to tonight’s Paleyfest event with the cast of “The Walking Dead”. Additionally the “Shock Horror: Dead Downunder” has also been cancelled. Due to a major player in the running of the event stepping down, they have gone ahead and cancelled the event entirely. The next upcoming calendered appearance for Lauren will be “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this coming Tuesday.

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