“The Walking Dead” 3.15 Screencaps

I have just added the screen captures from last night’s episode “This Sorrowful Life”. You can check out exactly 100 screencaps of Lauren as ‘Maggie Greene’ in the gallery now!


Lauren talks character deaths with Tampa Bay Times

It’s just a little under two weeks now until Lauren’s appearance at Tampa Bay Comic Con and in a new interview with the Tampa Bay Times she talked about last night’s episode “This Sorrowful Life” and the difficult nature of consistently losing cast members on the “The Walking Dead”.

Even though she hasn’t yet seen the episode, Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohan knows all about the poignant, emotional action which floored viewers in Sunday’s episode of AMC’s zombie drama – as fan favorite and all around jerkface Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) sacrificed himself to save his loyal brother Daryl.

“It’s shame because we’d all just begun to love the character and understand where he coming from,” said Cohan, who plays tough farmgirl-turned-zombie killer Maggie Greene on the show, which airs its third season finale Sunday. “To make this ultimate sacrifice for his brother and have everybody be wrong…It comes at a time when we could be wrong about Michonne and – big surprise! – we were wrong about Merle.”

The episode was a slow reveal, focused mostly on the band of heroic zombie apocalypse survivors led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), anticipating an armed conflict with the show’s increasingly twisted villain, The Governor (David Morrissey).

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Additional “The Walking Dead” 3.15 Stills Added

Last night’s “The Walking Dead” was a great milestone for the Maggie and Glenn relationship and with only one more episode left of the season, you never quite know what to expect! I’ve added a couple of fantastic new stills from the episode and replaced some of the previous ones with higher quality and clearer versions. Also, screencaps from the episode should be up sometime later today!

Law & Order: SVU “Legitimate Rape” Promo

A week from tonight, Lauren’s episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit airs. The episode, titled “Legitimate Rape”, will be on NBC next Wednesday (March 27) at 9/8c.


“The Walking Dead” 3.15 Stills Added

This upcoming Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead is titled “This Sorrowful Life” and we now officially have a still multiple stills featuring Lauren as Maggie that you can check out in our gallery! Also, be sure to tune in at 9/8c on March 24th for the episode.

Rick and the others learn that if they want a truce with the Governor, they must make a sacrifice.

Stills of Lauren in Law & Order: SVU’s “Legitimate Rape”

In a little over a week and a half, Lauren’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode will be airing and NBC has just released the official stills for the episode – many of which included Lauren! She will be playing Avery Jordan, a sports reporter who accuses her cameraman of rape. Be sure to tune in March 27th 9/8c on NBC to see Lauren in this brand new type of role.


Stills of Lauren on “Talking Dead”

Lauren was one of four guest that appeared on ‘Talking Dead’ last Sunday, and finally there are some amazing still images to share! Along side Lauren in many of the photos are host Chris Hardwick and additional guests Eliza Dushku and Keegan-Michael Key – the fourth guest having been musical talent Jamie N Commons. You can check out the great still images from the appearance in the gallery now!


“The Walking Dead” 3.13 Screencaps

I have just added the screen captures from last night’s episode “Arrow on the Doorpost”. You can check out over 150+ screencaps of Lauren as ‘Maggie Greene’ in the gallery now!


“Talking Dead” Bonus Web Segment

Last night Lauren was on the “Talking Dead” to discuss “The Walking Dead” episode “Arrow on the Doorpost” with host Chris Hardwick and fellow guests Eliza Dushku and Keegan-Michael Key. In addition to the wonderful hour long slot, you can check out this additional web bonus as the discussion continues.

Q&A’s with Lauren for AMCtv blog

The AMCtv blog has just posted a wonderful exclusive interview they did with Lauren, with some great question and answers that are definitely worth a read!

Actress Lauren Cohan, who playsMaggie Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about her big make-out scene with Glenn in Episode 13 and her philosophy on love in the apocalypse.

Q: It’s been a challenging season for Maggie. Has that affected you personally as well?

A: It’s stressed me out a little bit, but I feel the writers are writing to my emotional self. I’m very good at being emotional like that. That’s something they’ve probably recognized and written to, so it’s been a very rewarding season for me. Fun is not something you think of when talking about the apocalypse, but it really has been enjoyable. If somebody is going through emotional gut-wrenching material, it’s pretty serious. But if we have time and if we have to jump off a car and slash somebody’s head open, we do have fun with that.

Q: Maggie has many roles on the show, “lover” and “daughter” foremost among them. Which do you favor?

A: As much as I love the romance between Maggie and Glenn, I just really love seeing the father-daughter relationship done right on-screen. Maybe it’s because I have two dads, I don’t know — my mother remarried when I was about 7; my biological dad and I are very close and my step-dad and I are very close. My moral dilemma is always which one is going to walk me down the aisle, when the day comes.

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