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Lauren Cohan is Still Standing (For Now)

The ‘Walking Dead’ actress opens up about season seven’s “heartbreaking” finale, her last “death dinner” with Steven Yeun—and what women know about surviving the apocalypse.


If you think the real world has gone to hell, we invite you to take a tour of the world as depicted in television’s favorite zombie apocalypse. The seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead has been grim—and that’s saying something for a world where hordes of the undead are basically set dressing. Chalk it up to the addition of the show’s biggest, baddest Big Bad ever: the sinister survivor Negan, played by a gleefully sadistic Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Negan puts a fine point on an oft-central question of the series—one we’ve asked ourselves, oh, a couple of times since novelist Mary Shelley first conjured up Frankenstein: “So who’s the real monster here, anyway?” The answer he poses with relentless, cavalier brutality isn’t “us, but…” or “us, if….” It’s a grinning, “us, duh.”


But Lauren Cohan doesn’t view things that way. The actress has a skill for seeing the sunny side, even if she has to squint. On a cloudy day up in the Santa Monica Mountains, where Cohan is being photographed for, she’s the picture of placid poise in a gold and black Louis Vuitton dress. “I’m in the mind of another version of myself, which can be very steadying,” she says of wearing the shoot’s playfully sculptural outfits. This idea of steadiness is a quality Cohan tries to actualize in her character, Maggie. If the Southern farm girl-turned-fighter Cohan plays on The Walking Dead has remained a figure of stability since she first appeared in the show’s second season, it’s because Cohan sees Maggie as the eye in a storm. As the show’s survivors run from place to place, beating back threat after escalating threat, Maggie has become a touchstone for humanity and pragmatism in an increasingly ruthless narrative.


The ability to project such reliability comes from Cohan’s own itinerant childhood—the now 35-year-old was born in New Jersey, spent a year in Georgia, returned to New Jersey, then moved with her family to the UK as a teenager. The English accent stuck, and so did an aptitude for laying down roots in new soil. “It’s interesting for me to play to a hopeful feeling in the middle of tragedy,” says Cohan. More than perhaps any other character in the series, Maggie has seen tragedy not at the hands of flesh-eating zombies, but of flesh-and-blood humans. A recap, not for the faint of heart: her father is decapitated by the power-mad “Governor” of another group of survivors; her younger sister is accidentally shot dead by yet another wannabe despot; and her husband Glenn (played by fan favorite Steven Yeun) had his skull treated like silly putty by a baseball bat-wielding Negan in this season’s gruesome and controversial premiere. So what was that about hope?

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Happy Holidays!!

“The Boy” Facebook Q&A


On December 2, 2015 Lauren did a Q&A on The Boy Movie Facebook page. I missed it unfortunately but I’ve copied her answers here:


Elisa Grimes: Hi Lauren! Thank you for being such an inspiration to young people. I love Maggie Greene so much and I wish you the best! So, first of all, did you like the locations where the movie was filmed?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Thanks Elisa! Im so honoured to hear you say that.


Renee Hudson: hey lauren, will there be an explanation about how brahms got into the doll’s body?

The Boy Movie(Lauren): definitely!
The Boy Movie (Lauren): great question


Tina De Dycker: Hi Lauren, so awesome of you to do this, thank you! :)I have a few questions. Any idea when the movie will be released in Belgium? What drew you to the role exactly? And what is your favourite horror movie? Can’t wait to watch The Boy!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): will be out in Belgium on January 29th!


Camila Oliveira: hey lauren, what do you think your career would be if you weren’t an actress?

The Boy Movie (Lauren): i would like to work in a library


Sammi Payne: Hi Lauren! It’s Sammi
I am so excited to see you in this new movie! My question is did you watch any other horror movies to help get into this new role? I love horror movies and can’t wait to see my favorite actress starring in this one

The Boy Movie (Lauren): Thank you, sweetie! So excited for you guys to see it! I was always a fan of horror, so i had a good baseline for preparing for the role.


Jack Kidd: Hello, Lauren! I’m looking forward to your new movie! You are a phenomenal actress, on The Walking Dead and your previous appearances! I have a couple questions about your upcoming movie: 1.) With the horror happening in the film, how does your character, Greta, seem to overcome the fear of a live-doll? 2.) what was it like to be filming in BC for this film? Can’t wait to see your new movie, and I wish the best of luck to you and your career, you are so talented!

The Boy Movie (Lauren): At first, Greta doesn’t realize he’s alive, but when she does… you’ll see…

Shooting in BC was incredible, its one of the most beautiful cities.


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Lauren does San Diego Comic Con ’13

Over the last two days, Lauren has been making the interview and panel rounds promoting the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead” at San Diego Comic Con – and I’ve added tons of photos from the weekend to the gallery! Be sure to check out the various party, panel, signing, and many more photos that I’ve added of Lauren’s weekend at Comic Con.


‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer & Comic Con Panel

Yesterday the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ took on San Diego Comic Con, giving us a ton of great new things to tie us over while we wait for the October 13th premiere of Season Four. During the panel with the cast, the first footage of the new season hit the big screen in an amazing trailer that teases what’s to come, which you can check out below. Additionally, thanks to ThinkHeroPro on youtube, you can check out the panel with the cast and creators answering a ton of great questions.


‘The Walking Dead’ Season four updates & More!

Tons of exciting new things to share! First, thanks to Lauren‘s stylish, publicist, and makeup extraordinaire we now know she did a photoshoot for USA today and you can check out some photos behind the scenes of the shoot  that were shared by her team in the gallery now. Also, I added scans from the TV Guide Magazine with an adorable new photo of Maggie and Glenn embracing in from an upcoming episode of season four. And with thanks to Entertainment Weekly you can now check out a sneak peek into the season four photoshoot with Lauren and Steven, as well as a video sneak peek into the season four set with Lauren, from AMC.

They had some tough times in season 3 of The Walking Dead, what with her being forced to strip down by the Governor and him not being able to get over it. But Maggie and Glenn finally worked it out and even got engaged before all was said and done. How are things between the pair when things pick up in season 4? Pretty damn fine, it seems. “It’s in a really safe place,” says the woman who plays Maggie, Lauren Cohan, of the relationship. Steven Yeun, a.k.a. Glenn, agrees. “They’re in a good groove, living as close to what normal life should be,” says Yeun. “Whatever you can call that in this world.”

In fact, Cohan and Yeun got into the mood, so to speak, during a recent Entertainment Weekly photo shoot to show us just how great things are. They are lip-smacking, face-sucking, full-body-embracing great! Click on the “Full Size Image” button above to check out the rest of the smooch in all its full-sized glory. And then look below to see their passion in animated GIF form! Let’s just hope there are still condoms available in the zombie apocalypse, or else baby Judith Grimes may soon be having play dates.

For more on season 4 of The Walking Dead, check out the Entertainment Weekly cover story, hitting newsstands Friday, July 19.



Stills of Lauren on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Thanks to my amazing friend Kieran, you can check out six amazing stills from Lauren’s upcoming guest spot on the revived series, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. She will be the guest for the first episode of the return, which will air on July 16th at 8pm on the CW.


Lauren returns to Tampa Comic Con this August!

It wasn’t that long ago that Lauren attended the Tampa Bay Comic Con and the good news for all of those who didn’t get to meet her last time around, she’ll be returning to their next event this August!

Lauren Cohan who portrays “Maggie Greene” in AMC’s “Walking Dead” will be returning for the August 23-25, Tampa Bay Comic Con! Lots of attendees requested that we bring Lauren back to Tampa, as many were unfortunately unable to meet her at the previous convention–and Lauren wanted to come back! Luckily her schedule was open for us! She’ll be in attendance Saturday and Sunday only.

A Look into ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Four Production

I, first, would like to apologize for the delay in updates – unfortunately my new job is taking over my time and my only day off had been Wednesday which was my birthday but I will be catching up on everything ASAP!

The highly anticipated fourth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is still months away, but production has been underway since early May and AMC has shared this amazing peak into the production with some amazing behind the scenes content for both last season and the upcoming one. The video includes some really cute moments featuring Lauren and costars from the behind the scenes of last year’s finale.

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