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Site Is Currently On Hiatus


Tomorrow I have to have eye surgery so I’m putting all of my fansites on temporary hiatus until my eye has healed enough to work online again. As soon as I return, I will update everything that I’m missing!

Happy Birthday, Lauren Cohan!

All That Sparkles – New Site Look

Lauren recently did two gorgeous photoshoots, one for Health Magazine and one for So It Goes. In honor of those shoots, I had a new header and theme designed. Since Lauren spends a lot of her professional career covered in zombie guts, I wanted to show her elegant and glamorous  side. I hope you enjoy it.


Thanks sooo much to my amazingly creative friends Jay at Edge Designs, who designed the header (and yes, she takes orders!) and helped with the color edits, and Kaci Elizabeth for the theme edits. Please check out their pages!!


Brand New Look

Thanks to Kaci for the theme & Edge Designs for the header, we have a brand new look here at Lauren Cohan Online! What do you think of the groovy new look!?


Lauren Cohan Online

Happy Holidays!


Back Online!

We’re back! Of course I have plenty of things to straighten out since the domain changed but this is our temporary web-address until I buy a permanent one. Thanks so much to Free Fansite Hosting for getting us back online!

Important Site News

Unfortunately, on Thursday I learned that our host is closing. I will be moving Lauren Cohan Online to a new host very soon but it might be offline for a few days before it’s set up. Also, our domain will change from to something else. I’m hoping to know the new address very soon but I’m waiting for a good one. Please follow our twitter (@LaurenCohanWeb) to stay updated on our progress!

New Owner, New Look, and New Updates!

Hello everyone! I’m AliKat and I just adopted this site recently. I’ve been working on updating the gallery but I’ve also given the site a new look. Hope you like it! I’ve added all of Lauren’s events in 2015 and some Season 5 Episode Stills but I still need to update all the screencaps. As soon as I get everything caught up, I’ll let everyone know. Please follow our new Twitter account @LaurenCohanWeb to get the most recent news!

‘The Walking Dead’ 4.10 – Inmates HD Screen Captures + New Co-Web

Hello everybody! I first want to introduce myself. My name is Eric and I am a new co-web here at Lauren Cohan Online. You may know me from several of my fan sites, which include Andrew Lincoln Online, Bradley Cooper Network, and Kerry Washington Archives. Olivia was kind enough to let me come on board the site and help out. I am a massive fan of Lauren and I am beyond excited to be helping out on this amazing website!

As you all know, Olivia has been trying her best to get all caught up. I am also going to be doing my best to help her out with that. So to start off, I figured I would upload screen captures of Lauren from episode 10 from this season of “The Walking Dead.” You can now check out 298 HD screen captures from the episode. Episode 10 is the only episode that Lauren has been featured in since the series came back in February. However, she will be featured in this Sunday’s upcoming episode. Screen captures of Lauren from episodes 1-8 will be uploaded here soon. I hope you enjoy the screen captures and keep checking back for more updates!

New Photoshoots & Site look!

Just three months into the year and already there’s so many amazing new Lauren things! I’ve added scans from The Stndrd Magazine, where Lauren had an amazing eight page spread (note: please credit if you use them!) Additionally, I’ve added the lovely new photoshoot Lauren and Steven did for LA Magazine. I loved the new photos from The Stndrd so much that I also changed the look of the site.

Over the next week, Lauren’s also got upcoming appearces on The Chew, March 4th, and Watch What Happens Live on March 5th.

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