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People’s Choice Award 2016 Nomination Time!

There are a few nominations for The Walking Dead, plus you can also write in a vote for Lauren herself! Click on the graphics below to go directly to vote for The Walking Dead and Lauren.

PCA-Cable SciFi Fantasy Show

The Walking Dead is already an options so just vote!

PCA-Fave TV Show

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Lauren’s Q&A/Interview at the NY Comic Con 2015 Courtyard

Lauren Cohan: “It’s A Whole New World”


AMC’s The Walking Dead returns tonight, and has been squirreled away at New York Comic Con all weekend long to get as much coverage of this and other fan-favorite shows all weekend long.


Part of that mission included a trip to Madison Square Garden on Friday night for the fan premiere of The Walking Dead’s season six premiere, which will air tonight on AMC.


We spoke with a number of actors and producers associated with the show, including Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene.


“Maggie and Carol get to interact this season, which is something that I’ve looked forward to and hoped for, for five seasons,” Cohan told us. “It’s a whole new world.”


You can check it out below.

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ENTERTAINMENT New York Comic Con 2015 | Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead Season 6!


Maggie Greene may have been born a farmer’s daughter, but she is so much more than that on The Walking Dead.


Lauren Cohan joined The Walking Dead in its second season as Maggie, and her role on the show has gradually increased. Now, Maggie is one of the leading characters on The Walking Dead!


During New York Comic Con, Cohan was a featured guest of Courtyard and she was also present for the world premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6 at Madison Square Garden. In the fifth season, Maggie’s group of survivors reached the Alexandria safe zone and she quickly found a role as an assistant to Deanna, the leader of the community. But tensions between Rick and the Alexandrians remains high.


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Lauren Cohan Talks Leadership & Growth for Maggie at NYCC



Lauren Cohan laughed on the phone when mentioning her “27” costars on The Walking Dead, but the love clearly felt both for her on-set family and her own character Maggie rang true. The Walking Dead returned last night with the premiere episode of season 6, and fans at New York Comic Con were thrilled to see the cast take the stage with Yvette Nicole Brown for the fan premiere event at Madison Square Garden this weekend. Our very own Dan Casey was there and his twitter feed is full of fun pictures and shares from the night.


I sat down with Cohan on Thursday just as the convention started, and she had lots of insight on where Maggie will start the season and the challenges she faces. Here’s what she had to say about The Walking Dead season 6.


Nerdist : Are you excited for NYCC?

Lauren Cohan: Yes, very excited. Premiere plus Comic Con in one weekend. It’s rad.


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Gallery Update

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Thanks to the amazing Jay at Alexa Davalos Web for donating the Chuck screencaps. She’s going to send the others at a later time and I’m working on getting The Vampire Diaries screencaps added to the gallery.

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Teaches Us How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

The TWD star on being a Jersey girl, loving Michael Bolton, and her Halloween costume.


After five seasons on AMC, The Walking Dead isn’t slowing down. No wonder Lauren Cohan, the Philadelphia-born British actress who is on the run from indefatigable zombies every week on TV’s highest-rated cable show, admits she is exhausted. Despite her dramatic chops, Cohan displays an uncanny knack for comedy. The actress, who still identifies as a Jersey girl at heart despite her English accent (she moved from New Jersey to Surrey at age 13), recites lines from Woody Allen movies, dreams of playing Steve Martin’s titular role in a remake of The Jerk and jokes about having the hots for Michael Bolton. (Don’t judge.) Oh yeah, and she also spills some secrets about TWD Season 6, which Cohan calls “The Mission Impossible of seasons.”


DETAILS: You have an interesting Twitter bio: “Shootin’ rats at the dump is not my idea of fun. Why not, we brought sandwiches.” What on earth does that mean?

Lauren Cohan: Oh, my God! It’s from a Woody Allen movie, and I just forgot which one [Sweet and Lowdown]. Sean Penn is trying to entice this girl out on a date and he says it with absolute seriousness. It’s such a funny scene.


DETAILS: Why does that quote resonate with you?

Lauren Cohan: The absurd, when it’s very matter of fact, is one of the things that makes me laugh the most. If I were to play a psychopath or any kind of character, the part justifies everything that they’re doing and their actions make sense to them. That’s one of my favorite things about acting: You get to let go of everything—every doubt about what you’re doing—because in your character’s heart, it’s the right choice. So you get to go down these crazy little roads.


DETAILS: What would be your dream role?

Lauren Cohan: Steve Martin in The Man With Two Brains. Or Steve Martin in The Jerk. Or basically any Steve Martin role. I love characters who have a really different sense of the world and are innocent and childlike and completely absurd.

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Gallery Update – More NYC Photos and Events

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Forget Fearing The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan Warns The Wolves Are “Heartless” New Foes


Those Alexandrians better get battle ready because something wicked this way comes. When The Walking Dead returns for season six, there will still be walkers a plenty, but a new, greater evil is closing in—one that star Lauren Cohan (Maggie) warns will require all hands on deck. That’s right, the Wolves are coming.
Only hinted at in season five (you remember, the Wolves are the sickos carving “W”s into the heads of the dead), this new enemy isn’t meant to be taken lightly. “Like their name suggests, they are feral and they are heartless,” Cohan warned E! News as she readied herself for hosting duties at the Courtyard @ New York Comic-Con live stage. “Unbelievably, they are actually humans, but there’s nothing human about their behavior, which is bad, bad news.”


To stand their ground against the demented new baddies and the hordes of walkers, it’s going to take every last Alexandrian to get themselves into fighting shape, something that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was certain last season would be next to impossible considering they’ve been safe behind the walls since the beginning of the outbreak. Cohan admitted it won’t be easy for all, but there’s still hope.


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IGN Interview From S6 Premiere

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