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The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Teaches Us How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

The TWD star on being a Jersey girl, loving Michael Bolton, and her Halloween costume.


After five seasons on AMC, The Walking Dead isn’t slowing down. No wonder Lauren Cohan, the Philadelphia-born British actress who is on the run from indefatigable zombies every week on TV’s highest-rated cable show, admits she is exhausted. Despite her dramatic chops, Cohan displays an uncanny knack for comedy. The actress, who still identifies as a Jersey girl at heart despite her English accent (she moved from New Jersey to Surrey at age 13), recites lines from Woody Allen movies, dreams of playing Steve Martin’s titular role in a remake of The Jerk and jokes about having the hots for Michael Bolton. (Don’t judge.) Oh yeah, and she also spills some secrets about TWD Season 6, which Cohan calls “The Mission Impossible of seasons.”


DETAILS: You have an interesting Twitter bio: “Shootin’ rats at the dump is not my idea of fun. Why not, we brought sandwiches.” What on earth does that mean?

Lauren Cohan: Oh, my God! It’s from a Woody Allen movie, and I just forgot which one [Sweet and Lowdown]. Sean Penn is trying to entice this girl out on a date and he says it with absolute seriousness. It’s such a funny scene.


DETAILS: Why does that quote resonate with you?

Lauren Cohan: The absurd, when it’s very matter of fact, is one of the things that makes me laugh the most. If I were to play a psychopath or any kind of character, the part justifies everything that they’re doing and their actions make sense to them. That’s one of my favorite things about acting: You get to let go of everything—every doubt about what you’re doing—because in your character’s heart, it’s the right choice. So you get to go down these crazy little roads.


DETAILS: What would be your dream role?

Lauren Cohan: Steve Martin in The Man With Two Brains. Or Steve Martin in The Jerk. Or basically any Steve Martin role. I love characters who have a really different sense of the world and are innocent and childlike and completely absurd.

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Gallery Update – More NYC Photos and Events

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Forget Fearing The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan Warns The Wolves Are “Heartless” New Foes


Those Alexandrians better get battle ready because something wicked this way comes. When The Walking Dead returns for season six, there will still be walkers a plenty, but a new, greater evil is closing in—one that star Lauren Cohan (Maggie) warns will require all hands on deck. That’s right, the Wolves are coming.
Only hinted at in season five (you remember, the Wolves are the sickos carving “W”s into the heads of the dead), this new enemy isn’t meant to be taken lightly. “Like their name suggests, they are feral and they are heartless,” Cohan warned E! News as she readied herself for hosting duties at the Courtyard @ New York Comic-Con live stage. “Unbelievably, they are actually humans, but there’s nothing human about their behavior, which is bad, bad news.”


To stand their ground against the demented new baddies and the hordes of walkers, it’s going to take every last Alexandrian to get themselves into fighting shape, something that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was certain last season would be next to impossible considering they’ve been safe behind the walls since the beginning of the outbreak. Cohan admitted it won’t be easy for all, but there’s still hope.


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IGN Interview From S6 Premiere

Gallery Update – The Walking Dead S6 Premiere

There will likely be multiple updates to these two events since they haven’t put up that many yet. Here are the first photos from the premiere and also, Good Morning America.

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Gallery Update

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Maggie becomes more of a leader in season 6


She may not be on the front lines of battle outside the walls of Alexandria, but Maggie Greene is learning one of the most important skills to keep the community safe on The Walking Dead: She’s being educated on how to lead under the tutelage of Deanna Monroe. But how will that leadership come into play in season 6? We went to the woman who plays Maggie, Lauren Cohan, for answers on that as well as imminent threats on both sides of the walls.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When you have a giant cast like this there are obviously going to be times where your story line is going to be more prominent and other times where it’s going to be a little less so just because that’s the natural cycle of things. That said, I wanted more Maggie than we got last season. What’s it like for you being on a show where you know it has a giant cast and there are going to be these moments where you’re really going to have a chance to really stand out and shine, and other moments where you’re going to have to fade back a little bit?

LAUREN COHAN: Yeah, it’s a really good question because I was thinking about this earlier. If you step back and you say, “How has Maggie changed?” and if you look at that in the context of Maggie and Glenn, but also just look at them as individual people, the changes that have happened for her have been so fast. I think a lot of that comes from seeing how much the world has changed and then kind of zooming in on these characters and how they appropriate themselves to a new situation or to a new world.

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This Is ‘the Mission: Impossible of Seasons’

It’s been a particular rough apocalypse for The Walking Dead’s Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan). In Season 4, she lost her father Hershel (Scott Wilson) during The Governor’s (David Morrissey) assault on the prison. And last year, her younger half-sister Beth (Emily Kinney) was murdered in Grady Memorial Hospital just minutes before Maggie arrived.


Now, as her group finds sanctuary thanks to the Alexandria Safe Zone, Maggie is determined to settle down and start fresh in her new home. She jumped headfirst into her role as assistant to community leader Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh), and her relationship with husband Glenn (Steven Yeun) is stronger than ever. But as Maggie and the rest of the survivors will soon discover, there are threats lurking just outside the walls that could jeopardize this newfound safety.


We spoke to Cohan about the “different energy” surrounding Season 6 and what’s ahead for Maggie.


Does Season 6 feel different to you?

Yeah, it’s a different energy. It’s just been a much bigger season. It’s the Mission: Impossible of seasons, actually. I don’t know where people’s stamina is coming from. Everyone has huge story lines. In previous seasons, there have been characters who have taken a bit of a back foot during the season, but this year we definitely get these crazy action stories thrust onto every character. I’ve had my most fun this year. There are days where I’m exhausted and disgusting, but I don’t want the stunts to end. What always amazes me about the show is that there are these little escalations in stake and in story. The only place we had left to go was that heightening of action.

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The Walking Dead – Q&A


What makes Maggie so hopeful season after season?

Maggie is an eternal optimist. When she finds something she can hold on to, she doesn’t let go. You see that in her holding on to the memories of her sister and her dad, what she has learned from that, and how she can be proactive with those losses in trying to make a better society, despite the pain.


Where did we leave Maggie in Season 5?

She finds Sasha and Gabriel at odds with each other. She is trying to bring the two of them together, two people who were in a lot of pain. It was a moment I really enjoyed with the three of us. There is no answer. There is no quick fix. Let’s just sit and be together, and forgive the differences that we have and the mistakes that we have made.


Why does Maggie believe in Deanna’s vision for Alexandria?

When Maggie meets Deanna, it is the first time she has seen someone with a revolutionary way of looking at something. The group has been surviving for so long there hasn’t been that much discussion of philosophy, new ways, and new hope. She is stirred and inspired by Deanna, and everything that Alexandria can be.


What does Alexandria represent for Maggie?

Alexandria represents who Maggie might have been if the apocalypse had not happened. It represents personal growth and where you go when you think positively to keep hope alive. The way they have been living up to this point has got to stop. Trusting this group and trusting this new way is a huge lesson in the lives of all these people.



New Trailer And Behind the Scenes Look at Season 6

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