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Lauren’s Q&A/Interview at the NY Comic Con 2015 Courtyard

Lauren Cohan: “It’s A Whole New World”


AMC’s The Walking Dead returns tonight, and has been squirreled away at New York Comic Con all weekend long to get as much coverage of this and other fan-favorite shows all weekend long.


Part of that mission included a trip to Madison Square Garden on Friday night for the fan premiere of The Walking Dead’s season six premiere, which will air tonight on AMC.


We spoke with a number of actors and producers associated with the show, including Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene.


“Maggie and Carol get to interact this season, which is something that I’ve looked forward to and hoped for, for five seasons,” Cohan told us. “It’s a whole new world.”


You can check it out below.

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ENTERTAINMENT New York Comic Con 2015 | Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead Season 6!


Maggie Greene may have been born a farmer’s daughter, but she is so much more than that on The Walking Dead.


Lauren Cohan joined The Walking Dead in its second season as Maggie, and her role on the show has gradually increased. Now, Maggie is one of the leading characters on The Walking Dead!


During New York Comic Con, Cohan was a featured guest of Courtyard and she was also present for the world premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6 at Madison Square Garden. In the fifth season, Maggie’s group of survivors reached the Alexandria safe zone and she quickly found a role as an assistant to Deanna, the leader of the community. But tensions between Rick and the Alexandrians remains high.


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IGN Interview From S6 Premiere

Good Morning America Video

The women of The Walking Dead were on Good Morning America this morning. Their interview is right after the Behind the Scenes part of this video.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan says season 6 is ‘suffocating’



I don’t know if anything can ever equal last year’s Walking Dead season premiere in terms of action and intensity. From the throat-slitting at the trough, to Carol blowing up a hundred zombies, to Tyreese bursting through a door like the Kool-Aid man, it was a nonstop assault. However, according to several members of the cast we’ve spoken with, this year’s premiere (which airs Oct. 11 on AMC) is unlike anything they’ve ever attempted.


Our cameras caught up with star Lauren Cohan and we asked the woman behind Maggie Greene how she would describe what we’re about to see in season 6. Here’s what she told us:


“I don’t know if anybody has said this yet but we always joke that the writers write these amazing action sequences from air-conditioned offices,” says Cohan. “And I think this season is no exception and definitely rises above. We have the most suffocating beginning to the season that I’ve experienced yet.”


She also echoes Steven Yeun’s comments to EW about some characters having a particularly tough time. “And I think what’s been really interesting is that you see us all kind of make strides in the direction of civility or civilization and a more regimented society,” says Cohan. “And it’s about being really challenged. So we’ll see a ton of challenges and we’ll see people the audience has been introduced to as very stable reliable characters crumbling, and I think it’s going to be pretty scary. Welcome to The Walking Dead.”


Welcome, indeed. To see Cohan chatting about season 6 for yourself, click on the video above. And for more Walking Dead intel, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.




Videos: Lauren Cohan Visits “The Pete Holmes Show” (Mar. 27)

Lauren Cohan stopped by “The Pete Holmes Show” this past Thursday (March 27). In the first video, Lauren and Pete try British, Russian and the most elusive – the New Jersey accent. In the second, they talk about religion. I want to apologize for the lateness of these videos. I’ve been kind of swamped with offline stuff, but hey, I’m updating now, right?! Haha Anyways, I hope you enjoy the interview and look out for HD screen captures soon.

“The Walking Dead”: 4×16 – A Promo

Hey everybody! Check out the promo for next weeks season four finale of “The Walking Dead.” I can’t believe it’s already time for the finale. It feels like it just came back on from hiatus. Anywho, HD screen captures of Lauren from last nights episode are being uploaded as I type. So be sure to check back in a few for our update on this. Enjoy!

“Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” (Mar. 12) Interview + HD Screen Captures

Lauren Cohan stopped by “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” for the 2nd night in a row on Wednesday (March 12). Krysten Ritter was originally supposed to be a guest last night, but she was ill. So they asked Lauren back for the 2nd night in a row. Great for us, right?! You can check out the 9-minute interview below, as well as 400 HD screen captures in our photo gallery. Enjoy!

“Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” (Mar. 11) Interview + HD Screen Captures

Lauren Cohan stopped by “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on Tuesday (March 11) to promote “The Walking Dead.” You can check out the 9-minute interview below, as well as 423 HD screen captures in our photo gallery. Enjoy!

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