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Gallery: Walking Dead 7×15-7×16 Photos

Sunday’s finale was amazing! Although I’m sad about Sasha of course, I’m glad she went out like a boss. And Maggie;s charge into the fray followed by her great speech at the end had me shouting ‘that’s my girl!’. Lauren was so amazing!


Enjoy the photos. I still need to add the photos from last week’s Talking Dead but I’ll get those as soon as I can.



Gallery Update





Gallery Update

I’m sorry for the delay in posting these but I was offline due to my eye surgery. Looks like Lauren will finally be back on The Walking Dead this coming Sunday.


The Walking Dead 7.09 “Rock in the Road”


The Walking Dead 7.09 Promo and Stills

Gallery Update: Walking Dead 7.08 “Hearts Still Beating”


Gallery Update


Gallery Update: The Walking Dead 7×01 and Talking Dead

Gallery Update



Gallery Update

Wow! What about that Walking Dead finale? I don’t know about any of you but I was so stressed watching it, I could barely breathe! Hopefully our dear Maggie will survive the night and be reunited with Glenn in time to save the baby. I can’t believe we have to wait so long to find out who died.


I’ve added too many screencaps to the Screencapture section of Interviews and Conventions to list. But I also added the following:



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